Sunday, October 10, 2010

25 Random Things about me!

I love lists! I will make a list for any and everything! I also just happen to love let's get to know we go...On to the 25 random things about me..or the "I haven't done a blog in a long time, I'm ashamed, and need to post something blog" lol

1. I love anything sparkly! If it glitters, I'm in
2. I have held a chinchilla! Yes, the animal they make the coats out of!
3. I update my facebook and twitter waaaaaaaaaaay too much! lol
4. I like vintage Pyrex. I don't know why! But it's grrrreat!
5. I secretly wish I was a rocker! I wish I had crazy hair and more tattoos
6. My daughter is my world. I don't know how I went so long without her
7. I'm a love junkie. I'm in love with love.
8.I believe that crafts keep me sane! They really calm me down
9. I do not know how to use a sewing machine that well. I know..I should be ashamed..but I'm learning
10. I can't STAND to listen to voicemail. I'm just weird like that
11.My favorite color is pink..or maybe you noticed that already
12.I don't like baked fruit pies, or cobblers..etc. Don't stone me!
13. I hardly ever watch TV in the present. I live via dvr
14. I can't stand cold weather. If it was 100 degrees everyday..I'd be in HEAVEN!
15. I don't have any bottom eyelashes. Weird huh?
16. I can sound like a chipmunk! Kids LOVE THIS! lol
17. I have a phobia of pink meat! Everything has to be WELL DONE!
18. I wish I had an assistant. I really do.
19. I wish I knew how to crochet and knit..but I don't have time to learn.
20. I've had my own radio show and my own newspaper column. I'm cool like that.
21. I don't like orange or purple. Yuck!
22. I'm really bad at hanging pictures..I just can't get that down,.
23. I LIVE to plan parties! I love to plan a shindig!
24. I can't wait to take my daughter to Disney World~!
25. I love to read! I'll read just about anything. I feel better..I'll be back with more relevant diy and crafting blogs soon..promise.

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