Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Glam on a Budget: Missoni for Target

 I've always been a Target super fan. Okay, scratch that, I didn't really become a super fan until high-end designers started giving Target the time of day. That was a win/win situation for everybody. That being said, I don't think I've been this excited about anything at Target in my LIFE! And that's a long time! Seeing as how I'm almost 28, err I mean  25! Either you're counting the days just like me, or you've been living under a rock! *yelling in my megaphone* MISSONI will have a 400 piece line for Target!! The prices will range from $2.99 - $599. I know, that's a huge range. But Target reports that most items will be less than $40. *side eye* Define "most", please! The Missoni line will be available online and in Target from Sept-Oct. Anywho, the link to the lookbook is below, dolls! You can thank me by buying me a few pieces!


 All images courtesy of fasionologie.com

My top picks: ballet flats, dinnerware,scarves, headbands, ties, sweater dresses, photo frames..Oh and if the man you own has been behaving, then you should get him a tie too.

PINKY DAMONE TIP: I have a few Missoni pieces that I've purchased in the past. THINK CLASSIC! Buy things that will be timeless, and will add to your style collection, Otherwise, they'll just end up in that dark corner of your closet. You know, where fad fashion goes to die. Remember those fanny packs, shoulder pad outfits, Ed Hardy shirts, and Juicy jumpsuits. *shaking my head sadly*  Be smart dolls!

More bracelets, more blessings!