Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Addicted to retail...Kanye was right!

Have I mentioned that I'm supposed to be saving?! Or did I just forget to mention it so I couldn't be held accountable for my actions?  *crickets...tumbleweeds* Ok, well anyway...I made two online purchases today. I'm pretty sure that online purchases aren't real purchases. Right? *more crickets and tumbleweeds*

Anywho..I bought a MAC lustreglass in Boy Bait. In my defense, I was on the search for another nude everyday lipgloss.

Isn't it preeetty?! What doll can resist anything from MAC?! And THEN I turned RIGHT around and purchased a perfume called Pink Sugar.

 All because they both sounded amazing in a blog by AisforAlex. She did a "what's in my bag" youtube video. Again, *cough* In my defense..I was looking for another everyday perfume. Ok. I'm not purchasing anything else for the next week....Let us pray! TTFN DOLLS!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photo Book

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I'm having a relapse..time for another tattoo!

Soo..apparently I don't have anything else I should be doing with my money. Okay. So I'm a liar. But never mind that. It is time for more ink. I just can't stop myself. This will be my 4th tattoo. And sadly, it won't be my last. I'm an artist, and you can't be an artist without an insane amount of tattoos right?! Don't answer that, just support my addiction. I plan to do it before summer is over, so that it can get some air. I won't give too much away..but I will say..birds of a feather flock together! Wink wink!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time to revamp

I'm undergoing a complete transformation. I'm moving forward with a new outlook on life, a new company, a new love interest, and new aspirations. I can't wait to get to where I'm going.

That being said..I'm brainstorming to create new innovative shop items. I'm also gonna market myself better. I've put my creativity on the back burner, since I found out I was pregnant. I promised to devote myself completely to her for the first year. Now my beautiful little monster is one, so it's time to get back to me. Suuuper hype about that.