Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Glam on a Budget: Missoni for Target

 I've always been a Target super fan. Okay, scratch that, I didn't really become a super fan until high-end designers started giving Target the time of day. That was a win/win situation for everybody. That being said, I don't think I've been this excited about anything at Target in my LIFE! And that's a long time! Seeing as how I'm almost 28, err I mean  25! Either you're counting the days just like me, or you've been living under a rock! *yelling in my megaphone* MISSONI will have a 400 piece line for Target!! The prices will range from $2.99 - $599. I know, that's a huge range. But Target reports that most items will be less than $40. *side eye* Define "most", please! The Missoni line will be available online and in Target from Sept-Oct. Anywho, the link to the lookbook is below, dolls! You can thank me by buying me a few pieces!


 All images courtesy of fasionologie.com

My top picks: ballet flats, dinnerware,scarves, headbands, ties, sweater dresses, photo frames..Oh and if the man you own has been behaving, then you should get him a tie too.

PINKY DAMONE TIP: I have a few Missoni pieces that I've purchased in the past. THINK CLASSIC! Buy things that will be timeless, and will add to your style collection, Otherwise, they'll just end up in that dark corner of your closet. You know, where fad fashion goes to die. Remember those fanny packs, shoulder pad outfits, Ed Hardy shirts, and Juicy jumpsuits. *shaking my head sadly*  Be smart dolls!

More bracelets, more blessings!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shop Update and Shenanigans

Let's see! Where do I start?! I've been MIA for a while, but I'm slowly returning. I've just a had a lot of things aka SHENANIGANS that I've been clearing off my plate. I'm working on new products, relocation plants, a YouTube channel, and a ton of other things. Let me just say this: I appreciate everyone's interest in the shop. I GREATLY appreciate your tweets, Facebook messages, emails, etc. Unfortunately I won't be opening my shop until Christmas, or early January. I've got a LOT of things to do in the next 6 months, and I won't have time to fulfill the orders. But I'll be sure to let you know when everything is up and running again. I know. Breaks my heart. But..if you want the rainbow, you must put up with the rain.

It's a weekend, and I don't have much to do today. I'm gonna check out some diy, and natural hair sites..and maybe do a twistout or a coil out on my hair. I really need to increase my water and vitamin intake if I want my hair to remain healthy.  I wish there was a pill that contained 8 glasses of water. That would make my LIFE! LOL! I'm the worst when it comes to drinking water. Well that's all I've got for now..ciao dolls!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Addicted to retail...Kanye was right!

Have I mentioned that I'm supposed to be saving?! Or did I just forget to mention it so I couldn't be held accountable for my actions?  *crickets...tumbleweeds* Ok, well anyway...I made two online purchases today. I'm pretty sure that online purchases aren't real purchases. Right? *more crickets and tumbleweeds*

Anywho..I bought a MAC lustreglass in Boy Bait. In my defense, I was on the search for another nude everyday lipgloss.

Isn't it preeetty?! What doll can resist anything from MAC?! And THEN I turned RIGHT around and purchased a perfume called Pink Sugar.

 All because they both sounded amazing in a blog by AisforAlex. She did a "what's in my bag" youtube video. Again, *cough* In my defense..I was looking for another everyday perfume. Ok. I'm not purchasing anything else for the next week....Let us pray! TTFN DOLLS!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photo Book

Click here to view this photo book larger

I'm having a relapse..time for another tattoo!

Soo..apparently I don't have anything else I should be doing with my money. Okay. So I'm a liar. But never mind that. It is time for more ink. I just can't stop myself. This will be my 4th tattoo. And sadly, it won't be my last. I'm an artist, and you can't be an artist without an insane amount of tattoos right?! Don't answer that, just support my addiction. I plan to do it before summer is over, so that it can get some air. I won't give too much away..but I will say..birds of a feather flock together! Wink wink!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time to revamp

I'm undergoing a complete transformation. I'm moving forward with a new outlook on life, a new company, a new love interest, and new aspirations. I can't wait to get to where I'm going.

That being said..I'm brainstorming to create new innovative shop items. I'm also gonna market myself better. I've put my creativity on the back burner, since I found out I was pregnant. I promised to devote myself completely to her for the first year. Now my beautiful little monster is one, so it's time to get back to me. Suuuper hype about that.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'll be back...soon

Sooo...I haven't posted in a while due to a sick little muffin, a 10 page paper, *rolling my eyes*, and deep and profound thoughts about moving out of state. *sigh* I shall return!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I tried a few products...

 Take a look at this product closely. Go ahead. Closer. Zoom in. It's Curls Curl Creme Brulee, for Target. Keep looking at it. Well now you can't get any closer because I just knocked it from my sink and into the trash. This concoction DID not work for me AT ALL! In fact it made my hair dry, brittle, and disgusting. I just felt soooo sory for my hair! I'm still shaking my head. Sadness. But every cloud has a silver lining! I had to wash this out IMMEDIATELY, and I ended up trying out another product!

While reading Meechy Monroe's blog, I read that Cantu Shea Butter leave in treatment was one of her favorite products. I gave it a try, and used it for my twistout last night. This treatment is sooo moisturizing. And it has sort of a watery feel, so your hair just soaks it right on up! I love it, and I will never leave its side!

While I was at Target picking up the Creme Brulee *shivers* I saw that they offer Kinky Curly curling Custard, as well as Knot Today. They were out of stock. I really want to try the Knot Today. I already have some Kinky Curly. I said, that I would give it another try after my hair got a bit longer. I believe I'll do that tomorrow. I WISH Targer would get Miss Jessies. That would make me  veeery happy. I'd love to score some buttercreme on sale!

In other news, education utopia is over. Spring Break is over and I must return to the warzone tomorrow. Pray for me dolls!

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's almost my hair anniversary!!!

It seems like I did the big chop only yesterday!!! Can't you just see the baloons and confetti?! I'm so excited that I've stuck it out! I've even gotten a few people to become natural as well! I promise to be better to my hair this year. It's certainly been good to me!

Getting back to me

I swore to myself that I would NEVER be that Mom. You know, the kind that loses herself after she has her child. And slowly...I've sort of disappeared. I've put a lot of my energy into being a mom, working, and concentrating on my last year of school. But I've put my blog, my hair, my business..and a ton of other things on the back burner. And that stops today! I'm throwing myself back into everything..COMPLETELY! This is my rebirth. I'm excited, and FOCUSED!