About Me

Who is NiRosha K?

Let's see, I'm a mixture of Tony from girlfriends, Martha Stewart,  and Gina Neely. I have a wide array of interests, which sometimes lead me to be VERY random! But it's okay, you'll get used to it! I'm a twenty-something, tattooed, mother of a beautiful monster, whom I refer to as Muffin. When I'm not chasing after her, I cook, craft, and design the jewelry that I daydream about. I'm also an amazing baker. Seriously, ask anybody! Anyway, I'm pretty much an open book, so if you'd like to know anything, just ask! Ciao Dolls!

My mottos are..."It's easier to ask for forgiveness then permission." "If you're gonna pray, then you don't need to worry, and if you're gonna worry, then you don't need to pray."

I wish I could...Have tattoos all over! I absolutely love them. And also, on a serious note, I'd love if I could find a cure for Aids and Cancer.

Everyday I'd wear...Jeans, a tshirt, AMAZING heels, and a ton of jewelry.

I've been natural for...For a little over a year. I've done a few chops since I went natural, but I plan to grow a ridiculously huge curly fro! I'd never go back to permanently straight hair!

Biggest celebrity crush...Ryan Gentles, Travis Barker, Gary Dourdan, and Patrick Dempsey. I'm equal opportunity! lol

I despise...Cigarette smoke, long lines in Wal-Mart, cheaters, red lights, diets, and commercials.

People don't know...I love period films. Pride and  Prejudice, Tristan and Isolde...anything old world and English..I'm in!

The best thing I've ever eaten..Pizza from a place called "The Tomato" in Denton, napoleons from "La Madeleine"

I'm addicted to...jewelry, handbags, strawberry lemonade, really good cupcakes, watching reality tv on my DVR. At least I don't smoke, right?!