Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Addicted to retail...Kanye was right!

Have I mentioned that I'm supposed to be saving?! Or did I just forget to mention it so I couldn't be held accountable for my actions?  *crickets...tumbleweeds* Ok, well anyway...I made two online purchases today. I'm pretty sure that online purchases aren't real purchases. Right? *more crickets and tumbleweeds*

Anywho..I bought a MAC lustreglass in Boy Bait. In my defense, I was on the search for another nude everyday lipgloss.

Isn't it preeetty?! What doll can resist anything from MAC?! And THEN I turned RIGHT around and purchased a perfume called Pink Sugar.

 All because they both sounded amazing in a blog by AisforAlex. She did a "what's in my bag" youtube video. Again, *cough* In my defense..I was looking for another everyday perfume. Ok. I'm not purchasing anything else for the next week....Let us pray! TTFN DOLLS!


Anonymous said...

LOL @ you blaming me for your PJ'ism!! LOL glad you like these two products. I cannot LIVE without them.

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