Thursday, February 9, 2012

Packages and Pink Soap

 Anyone that really knows me, knows I have an infatuation with sweet smelling stuff. seems only appropriate that I bathe my little Muffin in.......BIRTHDAY CAKE SOAP! It is awesome! Well, it's more than awesome. It's really yummy! It smells soooo good. I'd eat it if I could. Wait! It's a vegan product, so maybe I can! I'm just kidding, I wouldn't eat soap. But, maybe it's calorie-free and better for me than cupcakes?! Lol. But She just had her bath, and now everything smells like I just baked a cake. Would you like some birthday cake soap of your own?!  *drumroll* I'm doing a giveaway in a few weeks, and some will be inside!

In party-related news. I have a yucky peach paper slip from the good ole boys down at USPS. Which means I have to GO PICK UP A FRIGGIN BOX! I loove getting mail, but I HATE when I have to go pick it up. Losers! I know what the package is though. It's some fun Yo Gabba Gabba goodness for her birthday party. I could tell you...but I'd rather show you after the party!

I hope you have a nice cake-smelling night of your own! XOXO,


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